Monday, September 29, 2008

Where's Waldo, I mean, kitty?


I am half way done with "Love me Tender", haven't picked back up on "Skittles" yet, but I do have pics of handbags I made for the recent craft fair here in town. In fact I have been rushing around getting ready for that this last week or so. And yesterday I spent the whole day cleaning my sewing room and putting away a ton of new fabric.

Girls day out

What is this four legged beastie?
Oh just the girls in their new pink boots!!

Who's Hannah Montana?

DD got a Hannah Montana wig from one of her friends, so of course she wanted her picture taken in it...

then sister wanted to try it...
then brother wanted in on the picture taking...
oh, and the wig wearing!!!

Birthday Party!!

It's been forever since I posted!! Busy, busy and more busy! We had the girls birthday party two weekends ago. They aren't twins but both are in September and they like to have it together.

They both had a really great time, a lot of friends showed up and they love their presents! more birthday party down.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Love me Tender

I've found Skittle's to get a bit tedious so I stopped to make a new bag--no photos yet will post later, and then I still couldn't go back to Skittles so I decided to make this cutie for my living room. Here is a tease--a sketch I made in Paint to get the colors right. I'll post photos of actual project and new bag later!!

Prayers and thoughts out to all victims of hurricane Ike!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fun at the Fair

Jumping in the Bouncie!!
Kierstyn and Jasmyn jumping.
Jynessa and Logan doing handstands.


Cooler racing!! huh?
Huge air slide!!

Inside the funky bubble!

Parade with Grandpa

My three youngest children and my two nieces rode in the parade with Grandpa Kent and Great Grandpa Clyde. They really had a great time.

They also threw candy out to the children on the street.