Sunday, August 24, 2008

Little Iron & a New Bag

My sister does not understand the value of this tiny iron, but those of you who paper piece either have one and love it or are seeing this one and wanting it. Anyway she and my mom stopped by one day and Mom gave me this tiny ironing board as she didn't want it anymore. So my sister teased me that she was sure she would come over one day and I would be ironing with my tiny iron on my tiny ironing board. Now that I have the table space I thought I'd try it. LOL!! It works great!! Thanks for the idea Sis!

And here is the new purse and baggies set I made today. You can't tell in the photo but the button changes color from blue to turquoise when you move it . This is the first time I've made this purse and I really love it.
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

made NEW stuff & kids off to NEW school

Here they are on their first day waiting for the bus. Most of them look happy!

Here is what I get when Dad tells them to smile for me.

Man child #2 finally cracks somewhat of a smile and darling daughter #2 just loves to have her picture taken. She'll start to pose if she even thinks you might be thinking of getting out the camera.

Ok on to the cool stuff I made. This is a cell phone cozy for man child #1. He has to keep his cell phone in his locker during school hours so I thought a cozy would be good to keep it from getting scratched up. This is the first time I've ever made anything so small and I've only made tote bags and a few quilted bags before this. So even though the flap is too wide, I'm pretty proud of it. I think he likes it too.

I was really happy to finally get to use those cute little snaps that I figured I would just keep forever.

And this is a hand bag I made with the intention of gifting or selling it, but I really like it and am thinking of keeping it.

These are the little zipper bags that match it. And I'm thinking of making my own matching cell phone cozy LOL!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Silly Cat

Here's how it is Human!! If there isn't anything quilty to lay on then...

I'll just sleep in your sewing chair!!!

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Baby Sets

This is a baby set I made for one of my husband's employees. It's a baby quilt, quilted diaper bag and two little zipper bags. It's my own overall design using applique patterns from the internet.

This is a cute little baby quilt with pillow that I made for a new mommy that goes to my mom's church. It's my own overall design using printed fabrics.

My Sewing Space

After living in such a tiny house for so long and now having a.. well my son's friend calls it a mansion. LOL not quite but it feels like to us. Anyway I'm so proud of my sewing space (thanks Mom for the desk!!) that I wanted to show it off and I took these photos. See my 8 year old daughter's Tiny Tailor. She actually sits with me and sews sometimes too. Anyway I was looking at these photos thinking what a mess my space is and how embarrassing it should be to post these. So I tried to clean up a bit and....

...I put away a lot of stuff. But then I decided- awe, who am I kidding!! This is as good as it gets!!

And yes all that clutter at the back of the room is boxes of umm "junk" I haven't unpacked from the move yet. We have those lovely little piles all throughout the house. You don't even want to see my foyer!! Someday I swear we will really unpack it all!!! We moved from a 900 square foot house to a 4,000 square foot house. Sooo the cluttery patches here and there don't seem to bother us at all. LOL Well..... YET!!!

Around the Bend

I decided to do this project as a wall hanging for my sewing room. I found the pattern in Fons & Porter's magazine "Love of Quilting". I changed my pattern around a little and doubled its size.

When I get it quilted and hung up I'll post that photo.

An Old Friend Returns

This is our sweet cat Spazzy back at our old house in April this year. Look at his gorgeous coat and fat tummy. We moved the last week of June about 45 minutes away from our old house. Spazz normally goes out every night and comes home every morning. Well against firm instructions to my husband about keeping Spazz in until he's used to his new home--Hubs lets him out anyway. Spazz did not return the next morning. Or the next. Or the next. In fact over a month went by and we heard from our neighbors about the owl with the 6 foot wing span, the foxes, the coyotes etc. all the critters that could have eaten our sweet city cat for lunch. We were heart broken and decided to ease our pain with two new little kittens.

This is Brownie and Blueberry. They are two male brothers and almost as spazzy as our Spazzy. Anyway they have been a joy. However, we still missed Spazz. you saw in my previous post, nearly two months later while my boys were out one evening building a basketball goal, they spotted a patch of yellow in the distance. Upon investigation they came in the house, grinning ear to ear, and simply stated, "Mom we found Spazz." I couldn't believe it. He looked so different I wasn't sure it was him at first, but then when I ran my hand over his crooked tail I knew. WOW!!! Our Spazzy is back home. And now we have three indoor cats!!! Oh well! You can tell from the following photos how thin he got and how his fur isn't quite as healthy as it used to be. Oh well maybe I should disappear for a couple months and come back with half my weight gone LOL!! And there he is right back to his favorite sleeping spot--on top of my latest quilting project!!

Poor Boys

My boys were so proud of the basketball goal they made and put up all by themselves. It is huge. My son in the photo with the curly top and grey shorts is over 6 foot tall. They scavenged the old junk pile and found all the parts they needed. They did a great job too. They even found an old friend of ours (explanation in my next blog).

See how they drilled holes in the back board hoping to allow the Kansas wind to blow through it without knocking it down. Ingenious!!! right? Well just two days after putting up the new basketball goal we had a huge storm and look what happened :( I feel so bad for them. They were really disappointed after all that work, but then my oldest looks at his brother and says with a huge grin on his face, "Hey, I have a new plan!!" I haven't seen the new plan yet, but I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My husband and I just bought our new house this summer. We've been here about a month and a half or so. Anyway we decided to go take some photos of our lovely new yard and it started out like this....

and this....

but quickly turned to this!!!! yuck!!!

and this!!!!

County Parade

These are the pics from our county parade. My three little ones were quite excited about all the treats and toys they collected. I couldn't even get my two teenage sons out of bed! LOL

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Halloween Wallhanging

This is a cute little Halloween wallhanging I made for my Aunt last year. It is a combination of paper piecing, applique, and embroidery. I found each of the small patterns at various sites on the internet and in books I have, but the overall quilt design is my own. I also tweeked the apple design by elongating the stem to make it look like a candied apple. The small circle appliques are simply cut from a printed fabric and appliqued on. Is that a word? I wish I had a closeup photo of the spider because he is sitting on the cutest stitched web that you can't see in the overall photo. Anyway I had a lot of fun making this whimsical quilt.