Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hair cut and Santas

My son decided the long curls were inhibiting his sports performance, sooo off with the locks!!

And here is a santa wall hanging I made for my aunt.

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kitchen Curtains

So I attempted to make some kitchen curtains. Now I've never had any sewing classes or done any type of sewing other than bags, pillows and quilts. So curtains were a bit scary. I studied the tutorial for three days until I finally decided to try it. I followed the tutorial to the best of my ability, but still had to have hubby help me with the measurements. We measured the actually window, even drew out the plans and studied what I thought to be every possible problem. That said you would think with all my preparations and even collaborating with my personal math wizard hubs, that my curtains would be near perfect right! Wrong!!

I wanted to make curtains that have a cascade on each side and valance type middle. This is the window before...

This is my big problem!! I made the two cascades and stupidly I let my math wizard talk me into his "space saver cutting" as well. And although something about it seemed wonky to me, it wasn't a strong enough feeling, and I went with hubby's cutting plan to save fabric. Well......although his plan absolutely did save fabric in the beginning, it has actually cost fabric in the end because both cascades are facing the same direction!!!

I decided to hang what I had so far until I can get to the fabric store and buy more grape vine fabric!! LOL Maybe the half curtain look will grow on me.... I doubt it. :)
On a happier note, here is the pencil bag I made for my daughter. She broke her pencil box at school and wanted to try a baggie instead. I even added handles this time!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Love Me Tender" top finished

I finished the "Love Me Tender" top and I really love it. The colors aren't very good in this photo but it is mauve, green, cream and pale yellow. I'm planning to hang it in the living room when it is finished. Now off to work on a new tiny wall hanging.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Today is my birthday!!

It's been a very nice birthday! Here are my lovely flowers from my dad in the cutest kitty coffee mug! I collect cat figurines, pictures, stuffies, etc. and he has made it an annual tradition to give me something kitty every year!! Isn't he the best!

These are the beautiful iron baskets from my mom. Aren't they gorgeous!! I need hubby to attach two of them as flower boxes and then fill them all with pretties. I can't wait!!
These are the great fat quarters from my mother-in-law! I just love fat quarters!
And this is the beautiful window art from my friend Lois! It is going to look so great in my kitchen!
Thank you-Thank you-Thank you to everyone for my wonderful birthday gifts! You are all so wonderful to me!

Also this is the wall hanging I finished today from a book called "Seasons of the Heart" by Karla Eisenach. I added a border though as it was too small in my opinion.

Thanks for stopping by and you can email me at anytime!!