Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Logan the Army Ant

Here is our youngest and orneriest boy at his "Bug Concert". He was an army ant. This first photo is where he is supposed to sing the line, "what would a picnic be without ants". He did well the first two times, but on the third one he made all the audience jump when he screamed the word ants and giggled!

As usual --no these hand gestures are not part of the show!

He's really into character now!
This is after the show, parents are allowed to come down and get photos before the kids are dismissed. I guess he wanted a memorable shot.
Is he doing the Egyptian there? Who knows!!
This is during the show when the army ants sang their special song. He was actually pretty well behaved through this part.
And again at the end of the show where parents were allowed up close photos of each group.

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