Sunday, November 9, 2008


Wow I've been so busy setting up my Etsy shop I haven't had time to blog or to sew!! Finally it's all set up with over 130 items listed so please go check it out at --lot's of stuff for everyone!!

I'm getting ready to start sewing again first thing tomorrow even though I still have more books to list on I'm having quilting withdrawals so it comes first. Maybe I'll add more books some time later this week:) maybe!!

Also my mom came over the other day and helped me decorate more on the house and guess what???-- we started painting the last wall to be painted in the living room!! woohoo!! And an even bigger woohoo!!!---my husband finished it!!!!!WOOHOO!!!!

Ok that's all for now--I'll get to sewing and posting some more this week.

Let me leave you on a funny note: My three youngest children and I were sitting at the dining table for lunch the other day. I was in a seat that I could see the living room sofa. I noticed while I was setting the table one of our cats sitting on the edge of the sofa. Then later during the meal I saw a different cat sitting there. Then towards the end of the meal I saw yet a different cat sitting there!! I say to the kids, "wow, every cat in this house likes that same exact spot on the sofa!" Then my nine year daughter says very casually, "Hmm, it must be a time share." LOL!!

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