Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Etsy, Some News and a Messenger Bag

Ok I've been off this blog for quite awhile. I have been held up by a few things: one I've been doing a ton of Etsy business (stitchingsymphony.etsy.com) which is quite time consuming, I've been preparing for holidays and holiday parties, I've been sewing a bit and probably most exciting and I guess you could say time consuming is I've been fighting morning sickness. Yep we're expecting!!! I know I know we must be crazy, but it's a good kind of crazy. However, my morning sickness seems to be more like morning, noon and night sickness and has had me laying in bed watching t.v. trying not to sick up!! That part is not exciting at all!!!

Anyway I wanted to tell you all about these great soaps.

I found these great glycerin soaps on Etsy and just had to have them. I bought them from a shop called "KelsiesMommy" and I love love love them!!! The multi-colored one is called 'relaxing blend', the other round one is 'wildberry swirl', the green one is 'green apple' and the the pretty clear blue one is 'fresh rain'. They all smell exactly like they sound and I highly recommend this shop!

I also made a messenger bag for my husbands' supervisors' daughter. It was very difficult to make as it was my first bag that I had to use separate pieces for the bottom and sides. I think it turned out fantastic though! I'm very proud of it--even if the colors are not my taste!

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iso like your bag jen -kiers