Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Concerts and Christmas Trip

Here is our second grader at his Christmas Concert. He just lost his two front teeth, and his dress shoes!!

He is our ornery child so when I saw them pull out these sticks I was a bit worried.

Thankfully though he didn't start acting up until the sticks were put away:) No, this body movement is not part of the show, but hey at least the one in the red sweater isn't my kid!! LOL

Here is our third grader at her Christmas Concert. Unfortunately hers was not in the auditorium but in the gym and my camera doesn't like the gym. Most of her photos turned out blurry.

I wonder what she is thinking in this one!

My husband and I went out of town this weekend for his work Christmas Party. On the way we saw this herd of deer. I just had to pull over and snap some shots. Aren't they pretty!!! They all stopped and stared at us too!

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