Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Sewing Space

After living in such a tiny house for so long and now having a.. well my son's friend calls it a mansion. LOL not quite but it feels like to us. Anyway I'm so proud of my sewing space (thanks Mom for the desk!!) that I wanted to show it off and I took these photos. See my 8 year old daughter's Tiny Tailor. She actually sits with me and sews sometimes too. Anyway I was looking at these photos thinking what a mess my space is and how embarrassing it should be to post these. So I tried to clean up a bit and....

...I put away a lot of stuff. But then I decided- awe, who am I kidding!! This is as good as it gets!!

And yes all that clutter at the back of the room is boxes of umm "junk" I haven't unpacked from the move yet. We have those lovely little piles all throughout the house. You don't even want to see my foyer!! Someday I swear we will really unpack it all!!! We moved from a 900 square foot house to a 4,000 square foot house. Sooo the cluttery patches here and there don't seem to bother us at all. LOL Well..... YET!!!

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