Thursday, August 14, 2008

An Old Friend Returns

This is our sweet cat Spazzy back at our old house in April this year. Look at his gorgeous coat and fat tummy. We moved the last week of June about 45 minutes away from our old house. Spazz normally goes out every night and comes home every morning. Well against firm instructions to my husband about keeping Spazz in until he's used to his new home--Hubs lets him out anyway. Spazz did not return the next morning. Or the next. Or the next. In fact over a month went by and we heard from our neighbors about the owl with the 6 foot wing span, the foxes, the coyotes etc. all the critters that could have eaten our sweet city cat for lunch. We were heart broken and decided to ease our pain with two new little kittens.

This is Brownie and Blueberry. They are two male brothers and almost as spazzy as our Spazzy. Anyway they have been a joy. However, we still missed Spazz. you saw in my previous post, nearly two months later while my boys were out one evening building a basketball goal, they spotted a patch of yellow in the distance. Upon investigation they came in the house, grinning ear to ear, and simply stated, "Mom we found Spazz." I couldn't believe it. He looked so different I wasn't sure it was him at first, but then when I ran my hand over his crooked tail I knew. WOW!!! Our Spazzy is back home. And now we have three indoor cats!!! Oh well! You can tell from the following photos how thin he got and how his fur isn't quite as healthy as it used to be. Oh well maybe I should disappear for a couple months and come back with half my weight gone LOL!! And there he is right back to his favorite sleeping spot--on top of my latest quilting project!!

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